Good Earth Plant Company provides plantscaping perfect for your budget

Plantscaping – Interior and Exterior, Work and Home

Good Earth Plant Company offers you purchase and leasing options suitable for large companies and commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels, and resorts; small businesses, home offices and private residences. Large or small, indoors or outside, we plantscape them all.

With a mix of clients ranging from private homeowners to business owners, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, property managers, facility managers and general contractors, Good Earth Plant’s consulting services work with you to determine the scope of your project, and how best to meet your needs within your budget.

Using plants and decorative planters as design elements in your environment brings nature inside to create warm and inviting spaces that reduce stress, oxygenate the air, and increase your overall well-being, resulting in healthier work and living areas that decrease absenteeism, increase productivity and overall satisfaction and happiness in your life. Plantscaping is an investment in your environment, your health and your success!

Interior Plantscaping Improves Workplace Wellbeing


For 40 years, award winning plantscaping has been our core business through design, installation and maintenance of plants in containers whether indoors or outdoors for commercial and residential properties.

Schedule a Free Plantscaping Consultation

Schedule a free plantscaping consultation appointment at your workplace or home to discuss the specific requirements of your environment. We’ll conduct a site analysis to identify any challenges that may exist with lighting, heating, cooling, traffic flow, irrigation, structural integrity and interior and exterior design.

Our consulting team includes experienced horticulturalists, designers, architects, and specifiers to ensure the success of your project.

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Your Design Options

Following our consultation, we’ll provide you with options to fulfill your plantscaping needs. We use a variety of plant types, both live and silk or a combination of the two, and a myriad of decorative planters in any style, color or finish you can possibly imagine to meet your needs. We can build to any shape or size. Challenge us to be creative and come up with a design unique to you.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your architect, interior designer, facility manager, property manager, event planner, or other professionals. We can work with your budget to maximize your investment in your environment.

Trained, professional Good Earth Plant Company technicians will install your interior or exterior plantscaping


We prepare, deliver, stage, and professionally install your final selection of plants, containers, and accessories according to your final design plan.

These stages are a critically important and often neglected aspect of a successful plantscaping project. Good Earth Plant Company selects plants for you sourced from only the best nurseries in our industry. Your plants are carefully acclimated to their future surroundings and where appropriate, transplanted into a sub-irrigation system. Cleaned and pruned to look their best, we examine and treat any pests or disease before plants are professionally staged into the decorative planter.

We inspect all of our pots and planters for cracks and imperfections and double line them with thick plastic to prevent any leaks. A top dressing of moss, bark or rock is added to complete the decorative designer look.

Your installation crew is well trained to transport your plants and pots without sustaining any damage due to sudden stops, excessive heat or even chilly days. Every aspect of installation is well-planned. Our experts know exactly where to place your plants and position them for maximum impact and beauty.

Even after all these years, we always enjoy seeing the amazing transformation of living and working spaces after plantscaping is complete. We know you will enjoy the transformation from the first day and for years to come.


An image of a person maintaining some plants An image of a person maintaining some plants An image of a person maintaining some plants

To ensure that your plants look as beautiful as the day we deliver them, our expert, friendly, reliable and uniformed technicians provide ongoing maintenance. Our professionally trained staff pursues ongoing education to assure we apply the most advanced, efficient, and safe techniques in maintaining your working and living environment. We guarantee our results for you.

Plants love consistency. Customers love reliability. Once a schedule is established for you, you can be assured you can count on familiar technicians to arrive on the same day of the week at approximately the same time of day. No surprises, no worries for you or your plants.

Protecting your investment is our main concern. Customized programs are available.


Good Earth Plants uses beautiful silks in your San Diego workplace plantscaping design Silk plants can be part of your professional Good Earth Plants interior plantscaping Improve your workplace with silk plants and plant service from Good Earth Plant Company in San Diego

When living plants aren’t a feasible choice for your interior environment for whatever reason, consider high quality silk plants. Sometimes called “permanent botanical replicas,” these are not the silk plants of the past. Silk plants provided by Good Earth Plant Company will add beauty to your home or your workplace environment without the growing requirements, care and maintenance that comes with live plants. We even have UV protected replica plants that can go outside – without losing their beauty and color.

Silk plants still need to be dusted, cleaned and periodically refreshed to counteract the effects of gravity to look their best. Good Earth Plant Company technicians can take this task off your hands and ensure your silk plants look as good as the day we installed them

In many cases, Good Earth Plant Company can provide a combination of silk and living plants, blended to create stunning displays that produce the illusion of live plants throughout your environment. Let us provide a custom decorating solution for you.

Every silk and artificial plant from Good Earth Plant Company is crafted by hand, and custom installed into the container of your choice.

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