Indoor plant leasing

Good Earth Plant Company wants you to experience the benefits of bringing living plants into your working environment. We have developed a new, cost effective pricing program allowing you to enjoy a plant filled workplace within your budget: our GO (Green Office) Plan.

Plant leasing is simple and convenient.

How does the Good Earth Plant Company GO Plan work? Instead of buying all the plants and containers upfront, for a monthly amount our GO Plan provides everything you need, including maintenance. You choose the plan that works best for you. We do the rest. If a plant doesn’t look its best or perform as it should, we will replace the plant – for free.

Our minimum program starts at $99 per month (all inclusive) which is good for a small office with a reception area, two offices and a conference room. We have many larger packages to choose from and of course we can customize for anything you want – including a gorgeous orchid for the receptionist. Please contact us for details and an installation day – and before you know it, your plants will arrive and look beautiful. Simple!

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Pick a plan, pick your plants, and contact us we are here to help!

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