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Good Earth Plant Company Demonstration Garden Tours

Since 2006. Good Earth Plant Company’s Demonstration Garden has allowed our team to experiment, fine tune and learn more about the latest green building products and services.

Lunch and learn session at Good Earth Plant Company headquarters

In the garden we test new living wall and green roof systems, grow different plant species, experiment with indoor and outdoor settings, irrigation, and other aspects of design, construction, and maintenance. We also test various rainwater harvesting systems.

Through our experiments Good Earth Plant Company has developed best practices, which we put to work every day on behalf of our clients. We learn the ideal applications for each type of system. We learn just as much from our failed experiments as our successes. We are never afraid to try something new and exciting.

Good Earth Plant Company offers tours for landscape architects, landscape designers, interior designers, specifiers, contractors, horticulturalists, educators, and other professionals interested in green building. We provide private tours for interested parties seriously considering a green roof or living wall. We look forward to hearing from you and partnering with you.

Living walls by Good Earth Plant Company can be designed for any environment

Living Walls

Good Earth Plant Company makes living walls in any size, for inside or outside

Good Earth Plant Company has been among the leaders of living wall and edible wall installation and maintenance since 2007. From large to small, we build them all.

Our systems include soil-based, foam, rock wool, and hydroponic methods. They can be scaled to fit virtually any space, both indoors and outdoors.

Depending on the project and the growing conditions, we work with succulents, tropicals, and edible plant varieties.

Living wall systems require between two weeks and 16 weeks of lead time to procure, plant and install, ensuring your project thrives in its new environment.

If you are considering a living wall as part of a landscape design or interior design project, or would like to incorporate a living wall or edible wall as a design element for a residence, business, or commercial project, please contact us to speak to a specialist about your project and to arrange a visit to tour our facilities and learn about your options.

Green Roofs

Make an appointment to see the living lab at Good Earth Plant Company by calling 858-576-9300

Good Earth Plant Company installed the first permitted commercial green roof in San Diego in 2004 – a retrofit on our own company headquarters. We’ve learned a lot since that first project about green roof technology and techniques.

We work with seven different types of green roof systems. They range from just an inch-and-a-half deep to six inches deep, but can be unlimited in depth depending upon the project. Roof systems fall into two general categories: systems using trays, versus built-up systems.

Not all green roofs can thrive on rainfall alone, especially in arid climates like Southern California. We work with surface and subsurface irrigation systems.

Plant materials can include succulents, sedums, natives and grasses, all chosen for the specific climate where the roof is located.

The green roof at Good Earth Plant Company in San Diego

Green roof projects can be complex, but they are much more flexible and feasible as part of building or remodeling plan than you might think. If you are considering a green roof for a residence, business, or commercial structure, please contact us to speak to a specialist about your project and arrange a visit to tour our facilities and learn whether a green roof is right for you.

Rainwater Harvesting

Save money and water with greywater harvesting systems from Good Earth Plants.

Rainwater Harvesting refers to the collection and storage of rain. Before the creation of public water utilities, rainwater harvesting provided water for many American homes. It is still popular in places with limited water resources such as island communities like Hawaii. In our arid Southern California climate, recent drought conditions remind us how quickly we can run short of water.

Using purified potable water for purposes like flushing toilets or irrigating landscape is a waste of a valuable resource. Residents and business owners in arid regions have become smarter about the role of rainwater harvesting in fulfilling their daily water needs, both from an environmental and a cost perspective.

Collection comes from rooftop runoff and storage in catchment tanks. Stored water can be used for non-potable purposes such as irrigating lawns, washing cars, or flushing toilets.

The good news: the days of using unattractive storage barrels are long gone. Good Earth Plant Company offers several innovative products developed around the world to match the compact spaces in our urban communities, from storage tanks to barrel kits.

Schedule a visit to our headquarters and we can show you some of the many options available to incorporate into existing landscaping, or as part of a brand new landscape design.

Lunch & Learn with Good Earth Plant Company

Jim Mumford leading a Lunch and Learn Session

Everyone needs a break from work, right? Why not learn while you eat lunch with Good Earth Plant Company? Our brown bag “Lunch & Learn” sessions cover popular topics about green building. Past sessions have covered green roof engineering, new living wall systems, and navigating the local government permitting process. We hope to plan many more “Lunch and Learn” sessions this year.

If you work with an architectural, landscape architectural firm, interior design or general contractor Good Earth Plant Company and GreenScaped Buildings owner Jim Mumford, GRP, CLP, will provide a one-hour program (or a two hour program for Continuing Education Units) customized to fit your needs. We will bring and discuss sample products as well as review installation and maintenance info on our green walls and green roof projects. We will even bring in lunch for your group to enjoy during the presentation.

Please contact the office at (858) 576-9300 or email with “Attention: Erin Lindley” as the subject for more information and to book your Lunch & Learn.

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