Located on a private residence, Good Earth Project Managers led the team designing a state of the art green roof. The home was designed by local architect Kevin deFreitas who is known for his use of sustainability in design and it was previously featured in San Diego Home and Garden Magazine. The house was built three years ago with a green roof in mind, so the Good Earth Team just needed to work on the design details and installation aspects of the project.

We used a new product called a “Brownie”, which is a soil replacement block as a base for planting. It’s lightweight form is great for many planting applications including green roofs and living walls. Brownies support nutrients, are highly absorbent and use less water and installs easily. They are very clean so there is no dust or flying debris. By the way, we are the Southern California distributor for the brownies.

The plants used on this rooftop were a mixed variety sedum tile, (a low profile, miniature succulent that is hearty, primarily green but also comes in a variety of colors and textures) with a random pattern of blue, purple, orange and red accent succulent plant colors including sedum coppertone, blue chalk plant and Echeveria Perle Von Nurnburg.  The long term affect will be color spots that stand out from the base planting of green/yellow sedum tiles.