What could make a backyard spa retreat even more luxurious?  GreenScaped Buildings has the answer: A living wall of succulents to cover the existing cement block wall!

The home owner of the gorgeous Del Mar Residence had been following the work at GreenScaped Buildings for a few months and initially inquired about a commercial scale system that had been used at some recent projects.  When the numbers came back and were over her budget, she thought that would be the end of her dream project, but we at Good Earth suspected that a different option could work.

We proposed using a fabric pocket system that is perfect for residential use.  It is both a brilliantly simple system (home-owner friendly) and offers some cost saving measures: it can be planted on-site (rather than contract grown beforehand), incorporates integrated irrigation, and uses fewer plants per square foot.  The temporary trade-off is waiting for the plants to fill in, but the long-term pay-off is huge:  just six months after installation, the wall is full and lush and everything our home-owner had dreamt of.