This is a living plant, a Kalanchoe.

For several years in a row, Jim Mumford has placed second as a promoter of biophilia and biophilic design in the U.S. Congratulations!

A new way to display plants.

A new way to display plants.

Macrame is still tryng to come back in 2019.

Colorful orchids.

A unique way to display plants in your home or office.

Rustic containers with plenty of texture.

A pretty tabletop sized wall planter.

Spectacular plant display incorporating plants, wood, and stones.

Tropical plants – it is a tropical plan show!

Macrame and coconut plant hangers.

Beautiful display of different types of plant foliage.

Tillandsias (air plants) on a wire frame.

Modern planter box designs for 2019.

Colorful pottery choices for 2019.

Artistic plant and floral displays.

Classic white orchids in beautiful matching containers.

TPIE show booth display.

Complex design using moss and replace plants.

Some people love these not found in nature colors and some don’t. Something for everyone at TPIE!

Moss wall materials for 2019.

Creative way to display a succulent.

Going nuts over macrame: Macrame and coconut plant hangers.

Talk about a pop of color!

Instant jungle indoors at TPIE 2019.

A drying rack for herbs?

Jungle patterned containers, brand new for 2019.

Bamboo hanging containers with massed plants on display.

Tillandsias displayed in a bamboo hanging container.

One of our favorite displays every year, this vendor never disappoints with beautiful creative displays.

Booth display of plants at TPIE 2019.

Up up and away, a beautiful balloon made from different types of succulents.

Rugged textured containers for large plant displays.