Preserved moss walls are among our most popular items at Good Earth Plant Company. We are often asked to create a “Living moss wall” by clients for all types of locations in Southern California. Trying to encourage a moss wall to grow by design is extremely difficult.

One of the main reasons: Southern California tap water is too salty. To successfully grow a moss wall inside or outside, we need to rely on primarily rainwater. If we employ rainwater harvesting techniques, it’s theoretically possible. But for practical reasons, providing a large enough storage tank can be challenging.

Many people have been experimenting with living moss walls and even roofs. So far, there hasn’t been a product we liked enough to offer to our clients. Until now!

We have a new, freestanding indoor living moss wall and cabinet that works and looks great. It uses what is commonly called “sidewalk moss,” or Bryum Caespiticium. We are excited to bring this option to our customers who’ve been asking us for a living moss wall and not a preserved one. We will have a demonstration unit at our Good Earth Plant Company living lab around Thanksgiving.

These units are self-contained, including a 15 gallon water tank and grow lights so they can be installed without having to worry about having enough natural light or access to an irrigation line. They have a built-in control system to provide misting for 15 seconds multiple times a day to allow the moss to flourish. These systems are similar to the ones used in grocery stores to keep the produce fresh. We are recommending an add-on filter, or it can be loaded with distilled or purified water so we don’t have to deal with the saltiness issue. Ingenious!

Good Earth Plant Company can add replica plants and driftwood for additional interest and elements. They’ve become the ideal solution for so many clients who want some kind of green wall to bring nature into the built environment.

To see our interior living moss wall cabinet, please call 858-576-9300 or email for an appointment at our conveniently located Kearny Mesa showroom.

One of the new living moss walls which will soon be available to our clients at Good Earth Plant Company.

One of the new living moss walls which will soon be available to our clients at Good Earth Plant Company.

A close look at our beautiful new living moss walls, which will be available later in 2018 at Good Earth Plant Company.

The new living moss wall units have grow lights built right into them.

A close-up side by side look at a living moss wall on the left with a preserved moss wall on the right.