Even though we’ve been installing living walls in many forms for nearly ten years, there is always something new to learn and to work with.

GreenScaped Buildings installed its first ever project this month using preserved moss type panels. These panels are imported from Italy, and there isn’t anything else like them. These panels are actually made of preserved lichens. Lichens are composite organisms, which include the properties of simple algae and fungi. They are similar to mosses but don’t have stems or leaves.

Coverings M.E, a company based in Bahrain that produces all kinds of finishing materials, is now importing Benetti Moss panels, made of natural stabilized lichens. The lichen is collected without any damage to the vegetation or environment. The lichen is hand applied to the panels.

These panels don’t need any ongoing maintenance or irrigation systems. All they need is a environment with a minimum of 50 percent humidity, the same amount people prefer and feel most comfortable.

These panels are spectacular looking, with softness and texture that is sculptural. They even come in nine different colors thanks to the application of non-toxic food coloring, so your living moss wall doesn’t have to be green. It can be cream, gray, orange, pink, purple, teal, and various shades of green, or any combination! We have a lot more freedom with shapes as well. The panels can be cut into nearly any design, even in the shape of animals or company logos. The moss panels are fire retardant, preserved and super easy to care for.

GreenScaped Buildings did its first installation for these moss panels for a company in Los Angeles. This foray into the international building scene taught us a few things. First, we didn’t realize we needed a customs agent, and it turned out to be an interesting process. We worked with Samantha Bossu and her team from Decora, who worked with us on putting up the wall.

We were asked to design the wall around some existing signage in the lobby. Nothing like topping off a logistical challenge with a design challenge! The client loved the way it turned out and so did we. The creative potential for these panels is nearly unlimited. It will be fun to see what we can come up with using them.

Preserved moss wall at Maxus

Moss wall vertical garden