The landscape architects at Spurlock Piorier teamed with the living wall experts at GreenScaped Buildings to design and install the lush vegetated wall you see in the courtyard

GreenScaped Buildings was able to recommend the planter system best suited for the succulent plant palette in combination with the sun exposure and microclimate at the project location. The module, which were grown offsite for 3 months prior to installation, were combined in a random pattern that requires less grooming than a hard-edged pattern. It also allows the appearance of the living wall to change with the “seasons” as some of the plant species go dormant and vary their color in the winter months. The plant species are all low water use, succulents, sedums, and grasses.

Click here to learn more about the individual plant species found on this wall.

  • EIC Wall
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  • EIC Wall 8.28.12