Green Roof at Sharp Memorial Hospital

GreenScaped Buildings was excited to take on the challenge of building an approximately 5,000 sf green roof atop the main entrance of Sharp Memorial Hospital! The green roof, designed by Glen Schmidt of Schmidt Design Group, includes lumber framework and fiberglass pots that emulate the first few measures of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” The roof is a built-up system, and planted with a combination of sedum tiles and plugs. “Note” planters are filled with agaves and yuccas, and surrounding trellis planters contain trailing rose with geranium underplantings. The backdrop includes square planters with mesquite trees with rosemary underneath.

With a space nestled between the hospital’s main entrance, ER entrance and roundabout for ambulance, loading zone and entry in the parking structure, our space was limited to say the least, and operating a front end loader and two days of a crane took precise coordination and extra safety measures. But when a music teacher felt well enough after her surgery to walk to the window, see the surprising vegetation below instead of a roof, and actually recognize the song layed out below her, we knew we helped create a wonderful healing garden for patients.