Value Statements

house plants outside to play. Photo: CreativeCommons License

We appreciate and care for our clients and do everything within reason to ensure their satisfaction.

We have fun working together and aim to be the most knowledgeable, productive, caring and successful team in our industry.

We respect each individual on our team, allowing each person’s contributions to bloom and flourish.

We partner with our suppliers and business associates to cultivate and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

We harvest new ideas and fertilize the seeds of innovation to continually offer higher quality products and services at a value unmatched by our competitors.

We practice and advance environmental stewardship by promoting the health benefits of live plants in the home and workplace, advancing the field of green roof technology demonstrating the reduction in energy and waste, and operating in a sustainable manner by lowering our carbon footprint whenever possible.

We balance purpose with profit, ensuring that our earnings can support long-term growth and allow us to give back to the community in which we live.

At the root of everything we do is the safety and wellbeing of our employees.