Who We Are – We Know Plants

At the Good Earth Plant Company, we believe that plants are life.

Good Earth Plant Company is San Diego’s largest locally owned and operated provider of interior and exterior landscape design, installations and maintenance services, and our highly experienced and diverse staff has helped us achieve this leadership position.

Under our GreenScaped Buildings banner, we apply everything we have learned about growing plants in containers combined with a new approach to introducing plants and nature into our urban environment by making use of non-traditional gardening space: green roofs, living walls, tower gardens, and more that we have yet to discover.

Our mix of clientele includes biotech, financial, hospitality, healthcare, retail, designers, specifiers, property management, technology, developers and homeowners. Our clients are our partners in everything we do. Good Earth Plant Company is experienced in large-scale projects, technology, construction timelines, project management and creative design build. We take equal care in creating a beautiful interior wall or tabletop design for your office or home.

Our passion never changes: creating the most desirable environment for every office, healthcare, education, technology, financial institutions, hospitality, retail or home. An environment where you can work, play and grow too.

Whether it’s from research on plants and people or green building design, we use all of the resources available to create the most enriched environment for our clients.

Without plants, most species on earth cannot survive. The air we breathe, the food we eat, depend on the very existence of plant life on our planet. We use plants to build our homes, cloth our bodies and one in six plants are used for their medicinal properties. The people of Good Earth Plant Company are their ambassadors, advocates and biggest fans.

Good Earth Plant Company – We Give Back

Alpha Square Apartment residents pick up their new orchids from Good Earth Plants to decorate their homes for Easter.

Alpha Square Apartment residents pick up their new orchids from Good Earth Plants to decorate their homes.

As President of Good Earth Plant Company, it has always been important to me to give back to my community as part of my personal appreciation for our continued success. I’m fortunate to be able to lead an organization that is able to accomplish this goal. That’s why we support several community organizations through donations of money, materials and time on a regular basis.

Over the years, we have proudly given back to the following organizations:

Alpha Project and Alpha Square, where Good Earth Plants provides pro bono interior plantscaping services to beautify the Alpha Project’s “Alpha Square” studio apartment building for low-income and homeless individuals. We also provide plants to the residents for their apartments. This project inspired our “Plants With Purpose” program.

St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, which serves adults with developmental disabilities, receives regular donations of plants and flowers to help benefit its Organic Garden Program. The Garden Program teaches students the skills and commitment needed to maintain, nurture and care for a growing environment, while also serving as a mini-profit center for students to earn a paycheck as they reap a harvest of goodwill and respect in their community.

Children’s Hospital – Since 2002, Good Earth Plants has donated the design and storage of the 40-foot holiday tree and decorations for the Fantasy on Ice fundraiser program in downtown San Diego. In addition, we’ve supplied professional decorators and new decorations at a substantial discount. This is truly a work of love.

Home Start Maternity Group Shelter received plants and pots to decorate five apartments at its facility to help welcome new residents and provide them with a sense of home. Our donation was a first for them and was received with tears of joy. The unwed mothers experienced the mental and physical health benefits from adding plants to their environment, making previously spare rooms into something warm and inviting.

Urban Corps of San Diego County received a substantial amount of plants and pots to help stock its Recycling ECO Center’s Rooftop Resource Garden, a valuable recent addition to its facility. The Garden will provide an opportunity for the public to experience the value of urban forestry and gardening and serve as a model of sustainable urban working and living environments. In addition, our plants replaced several dozen dead plants in their reception area atrium.

San Diego Youth & Community Services (SDYCS) received donated holiday décor items such as artificial wreaths, lights and garlands for their home for teenagers through the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA). Good Earth Plant Company has provided plants for SDYCS’s annual charity golf tournament. Proceeds for the tournament help SDYCS in its mission serving at-risk youth in becoming self-sufficient and reaching their highest potential by investing in their education, strengthening their families and building their communities.

Cuyamaca College periodically receives our “used” orchids to grow and sell to benefit their horticultural program.

Country Montessori School received green plants and blooming flowers to help generate creativity amongst student and faculty as part of its classroom educational series.

Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) Foundation received help from Good Earth Plant Company raising money for its facility. The Foundation offers professional level training for dedicated San Diego County high school students in dance, theatre and music, keeping children and adults motivated and focused on an important cultural aspect of our lives – the arts.

TERI, Inc. (Training, Education & Research Institute) is a private, non-profit agency serving the needs of children, adults and their families with autism and other developmental and learning disabilities. Good Earth Plant Company’s donation of plants, flowers and herbs contributed to TERI’s Agricultural Program serving as both outdoor classroom and vocational training site.

We know that our donations only provide a fraction of what these organizations need, but we are committed to doing our part. We are always looking for new organizations to partner with in our efforts.

If you are interested in helping any of these organizations, we will gladly provide contact information. We look forward to working with these and other organizations in the years to come.

Sustainability Statement

Environment, global warmingWe are automatically green by the very nature of our business. We bring to the indoor environment living, breathing organisms that connect our clients to the very essence of life.

Plants have been proven to improve indoor air quality, reduce stress, improve productivity and help people heal faster. More recently, through the launch of our sister company GreenScaped Buildings, we bring life to a building’s envelope with living walls and green roofs. These products help reduce indoor temperatures, make HVAC and PVC systems work more efficiently, create biodiversity and help curb the urban heat island effect, and filter harmful particulate matter from the air and before it reaches storm drains.

All of these benefits are further enhanced by the aesthetic beauty of a living oxygen-providing sculpture indoors, and the dramatic effect a greenscaped building can have.

Our goals surrounding sustainability began with our corporate headquarters. In 2007, we installed a 1,600 square foot “green roof” Native Plant Demonstration Garden on our administrative building in Kearny Mesa. In line with data from green roof projects around the world, a quick look at our energy usage shows an approximate 23% in savings, and we calculate that we absorb 75% of a rain event, filtering what overflows into the stormwater system. Also, the life of our roof will be extended keeping thousands of pounds of old roof material from reaching the landfill.

We focus on continuing changes in our infrastructure and habits by:

  • Changing over to fluorescent lighting and turning off the lights when not in use.
  • Turning off our computers when not in use.
  • Maximizing the use of our “green dumpster” for all of our green waste.
  • Placing recycling bins throughout the office and property and incorporating recycled products into our daily activities.
  • Using non-toxic products in our plant servicing.
  • Going paperless whenever possible and implementing electronic administrative systems to save resources and increase efficiency.
  • Driving fuel-efficient vehicles and continuously arranging our routes to be geographically efficient.
  • Searching out suppliers and vendors that share our environmental values.