Businessman hopes rooftop vegetation will be a growing trend – Bend Weekly News, Bend, OR

In a gritty industrial section of San Diego, “plantscaper” Jim Mumford is putting down roots. On his roof. The result, which will come to life this morning, is an elevated oasis in a desert of concrete and metal. Trucks rumble below. Small planes buzz past wispy clouds above. On one recent afternoon, Mumford settled into a lawn chair on what he bills as the first vegetated roof on a commercial building in the county. “We’ve planted a seed,” said Mumford. Read more:

First Green Roof Designed for San Diego – San Diego Earth Times

Though it is virtually unheard of in Southern California, Jim Mumford of Good Earth Plants in Kearny Mesa plans to demonstrate how to create a green roof specifically designed for San Diego. While creating a green retreat, Jim will be monitoring reduced energy usage and storm water runoff. Green roofs will be installed on two of the three buildings at Good Earth Plants. The third building will be kept as a control. Centrally located, the site is five miles from the Pacific Ocean and sits between the coastal and inland weather patterns. As evidence continues to mount that climate changes and polluted coastal waters have a negative effect on our environment, green roofs are being considered to improve the environmental and energy performance of buildings.… Read More