See you at Good Earth Plants’ Summer Open House/Plant Sale

Open House and Plant Sale
We know it’s warm outside. We have ice-cold water for you to sip (guzzle) and fresh cookies to munch on as you stroll our improved headquarters office, warehouse and nursery. You’ll be able to tour our newest additions. We’ve expanded and brought in two brand new offices in a “trailer” nestled among our patio garden. For those who have never been here, we hope you come. The demonstration garden is full of different systems and plants. Depending on timing, we have green roof or living wall elements being prepped and ready to go to job sites. You can see and touch anything form a hydroponically based living walls to our new low water use soil substitute “brownies.”… Read More


Summertime, beach
It’s Summertime. Full-fledged, middle of July no-going-back Summertime. The days are warm, the sun is up longer, the crickets are in full concert mode after dark. And I love it! Although, after the Fourth of July, there seems to be that big exhale, kind of like a little bird on your shoulder reminding you that something will inevitably end. Already the sun is going down earlier. When I was growing up, the three months of summer were a blissful eternity filled with bike rides, trips to Pacific Beach and the sound of my friends playing in the street. I was so lucky to have grown up in San Diego and to have a pocketful of memories about Summer.… Read More

Living wall installations… everywhere

Green roof, living wall
Summer has officially arrived. I keep thinking about a song. “Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirty and gritty” from working a lot. It’s hot, dry, and we’re busy! No complaints, just lots of installations. It’s July, it’s hot and we are busy! We seem to be swimming in a sea of installations. We’ve  installed or are about to install a dazzling array of living walls spanning the west coast from San Diego to Dana Point, Santa Monica and Seattle. Seattle thrives as a cosmopolitan port city. Nationally recognized as one of the most livable cities in the U.S.,… Read More

Monkey Faced Orchids

We had so many readers interested in the Monkey-Faced orchid picture we posted, I thought I would pass along some quick information about them and about orchids in general. Besides being just about the cutest, funniest flora we’ve found, Monkey-Faced Orchids, or Grinning Monkey orchids live in the south-eastern Ecuadorian and Peruvian cloud forests at around 1000-2000 meters. Their scientific name is Dracula Simia-Dracula referring to the strange characteristic of the two long sepals, reminiscent of a certain Transylvanian count. Up in the cloud forests, these orchids can flower at any time-it’s not season specific and its’ scent resembles a very ripe orange. … Read More