Up on the Green Roof

If you had told me 20 years ago, (long before I’d even heard of a green roof) that I would be hanging out with architects and tossing around words like parapets and ballast, I would have called you crazy. Me? Jim the Plant Guy? Arguing the benefits of drain conduits to drain off excess water under a living roof? What the heck? It’s amazing for me to look around now and see who I feel fortunate enough to call a “colleague.” From architects to engineers to waterproofing specialists. A very different mix of professionals since my days as a florist. I have learned so much about roofing and walls, mostly because I like to put plants on them.… Read More

The Fall Frenzy

Living Wall Installation
What a summer! It feels like I turned around from the Memorial Day weekend only to stare right into the Labor Day holiday. It’s been a busy few months to say the least. And while it might not be easy to remember much time spent by the ocean or with the kids, this past summer will be remembered as “the summer of installations!” Great news for us in that we kept the staff busy and working hard to make the living architecture concepts and ideas we described to customers last spring – come to life. Our expert team of Kerry Bauer, Kevin Norton and Nilo Cabrera really made it happen these past few weeks.… Read More

A Perfect Piece of Green PIE from PIA

I always look forward to the Plant Industry Alliance (PIA) annual Expo in Las Vegas in August. This year’s Plantscape Industry Expo (PIE) was AMAZING! Innovative products, fascinating speakers and incredible living art displays. It seemed everywhere you look, creative, inspired people were talking about new products and the latest in technology and design. This year, we had a great team attend from Good Earth Plants and GreenScaped Buildings. Debbie Hopkins, Dawn Weatherford, Kerry Bauer and I got the chance to meet up with some colleagues and exchange some ideas while learning about the latest in plants. We even got to see a new plant, a type of Mandeville, that has a large hanging pink flower that will be perfect on one of our living walls.… Read More

Jim Mumford’s Treehouse Memories

Treehouse, alternative living
Remember when you were young and your backyard was truly an oasis of adventure? Hedges became prime hiding spots for an ambush of friendly enemies from down the street. A tent set up on the grass was a fort held strong by brave young soldiers. If you were lucky enough, maybe you had a treehouse, or you knew someone who did. I spent endless afternoons playing with my school buddies building forts and planning brave escapades in the canyon in our backyard. While we didn’t have a treehouse, I always envied those kids who did. Today, some of those same kids who couldn’t shake the idea of living in a treehouse are building them….and… Read More