Will the U.S. Join France and Require Green Roofs?

Germany has the largest concentration of green roofs with solar panels in the world. This is a school roof in Unterensinge, Germany, constructed in 2003. Photo: Courtesy Greenroofs.com database
You may have read the same headlines we did in the past week about new laws passed in France now requiring solar panels or vegetation sections on the roofs of all new commercial construction. French activists were pushing for 100 percent roof coverage but had to settle for Parliament requiring a minimum of coverage. France isn’t the first to mandate more environmentally friendly construction involving green roofs or solar energy. Germany has been a leader in this effort for 50 years. The City of Toronto is the first city in North America to have a bylaw to require and govern the construction of green roofs on new development.… Read More

News From Good Earth Plant Company: Spring 2015 Newsletter

Good Earth Plant Company Leaflet Newsletter
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Going green is Lucky Every Day Including St. Patrick’s Day

The magic of the number three makes the shamrock a mystical, magical plant the symbol of a nation and its national holiday, St. Patrick's Day.
The shamrock plant is recognized as the badge for Ireland. You will find this symbol on almost everything Irish, from lampposts to tail fins of airplanes. It is a custom to pin a shamrock to the lapels of your jacket on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. The Celtic Druids attached much significance to the clover or shamrock, because they believed the number three to be a perfect number possessing a mystical power. The shamrock represents the Holy Trinity, and also signifies past, present and future. Through its symbolism, the shamrock has paved a path to Irish glory. It doesn’t matter if you gave or received shamrocks for St.… Read More

Pushing Nature Into Urban Planning with Living Walls

Pure Fitness living wall at the Westgate Hotel by GreenScaped Buildings
The Downtown San Diego Partnership, the leading advocate for the revitalization and growth of downtown San Diego, recently offered this observation and it stopped me in my tracks: “For the first time in 100 years urban growth has outpaced suburban growth.” Assuming this is true, as an advocate for integrating nature into our everyday environment, I see opportunity. Think about the typical suburban environment. There are yards, parks, and other spaces where nature is present. Now think about the typical urban environment. It’s full of concrete, glass, shadows and hard surfaces, but not a lot of nature or plants. This means people like me need to push even harder to make sure nature is included in urban planning.… Read More

Choose Plants to Suit Your Personality

Spider plants are a smart choice as a beneficial office plant.
At first glance, March doesn’t seem to have any significant holidays. But take a closer look. We love March holidays at Good Earth Plant Company, because the holidays are green! The obvious example is St. Patrick’s Day. Lucky for us plant loving leprechauns, we never get pinched since we are always wearing green. Although it isn’t a formal holiday, we also celebrate the first day of Spring on March 21. We joke that it’s always summer in San Diego, but we do have seasons with changes in temperature and precipitation as the Earth’s axis tilts toward the sun, and away from the sun as it rotates around the sun.… Read More