Time For Thanks at Good Earth Plants and GreenScaped Buildings

Good Earth Plant Company's original business location on a Thanksgiving nearly four decades ago! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
It is (already!) Thanksgiving 2016, and I’m thankful for many people in my life. Thanksgiving is a good time to let them know. I’m thankful for: • My folks: far from perfect, but great role models and teachers. They set a good standard and give me plenty to both admire and laugh about. • My son Ted: just enough of me in him to make me proud, just enough “other” to make him interesting. He is going to save the world. You watch. • My daughter Allie: although she tries to deny it, she is way too much like me – plus smart, capable and talented.… Read More

Healing and Growing With Horticultural Therapy

Laura Eubanks in one of the beautiful gardens she designed. Photo: Kyle Short
Several years ago at a Water Conservation Garden event at Cuyamaca College, I met Laura Eubanks. I stopped at her booth to talk to her because she had some of the most beautiful succulent displays I’d seen in a long time. At the time, Laura was an aspiring landscape designer. She asked a lot of questions, and even then I knew she would be successful. Today, Laura’s company “Design for Serenity” and her one of a kind drought tolerant landscapes are gaining worldwide acclaim. She recently returned from Brazil where she installed two demonstration gardens. What I didn’t know until recently is why Laura was drawn to gardening.… Read More

Let The Sunshine In To Lift Your Mood Naturally

Light exposure is deeply tied to our wellbeing. When the days grow shorter, we need to be proactive to boost our sunlight and nature exposure. Good Earth Plant Company San Diego 858-576-9300
Are you feeling a little blue? You might be tempted to blame this week’s presidential election results. Hillary Clinton gave a gracious concession speech, and we hope the best for President-elect Donald Trump (and don’t go changing our environmental laws any time soon). But it might not be the only reason you aren’t your usual cheerful self. The weekend before Election Day, we went through our annual change back from Daylight Time to Standard Time in the United States. Just the one hour of difference means most people are going home from work in the dark, and it also makes us aware we are slowly losing daylight a few minutes at a time until we reach the winter solstice on December 21 – just six weeks away.… Read More

Growing A Business, 39 Years and Counting

Thirty-nine years ago today, all I wanted was a way to support myself. I was almost 20 and my dad had just kicked me out of the house because I didn’t get a job over the summer. I got a part-time job while going to community college, working at an outdoor “plant stand” in the financial district of downtown San Diego. It turned into my own full-time business. Shortly after starting my gig working for “Plants on the Plaza,” the three owners decided it was too much hassle to make them any real money and they wanted to sell. Back home and at dinner that night, my Naval Captain father said, “Let’s buy it!”… Read More