Is Nature In Your DNA?

Can you learn to love nature? Or do you have to be born this way? Photo: RawPixel
My Aunt Nancy recently let family and friends know about an honor my cousin Kathy Mulvey received. (Thanks for ratting her out, Nancy!) Phillips Academy Andover, one of the oldest and most prestigious independent secondary schools in the U.S. based in Andover, Massachusetts, named Kathy one of its “20 Alumni Who Are Saving the Planet.” Kathy works for the Union of Concerned Scientists. Here’s what Andover wrote about her efforts: “Everything we value depends on the ecosystem and on people working tirelessly to prevent its destruction. Kathy Mulvey is the sharp end of the long-running debate on fossil fuels, taking some of the world’s largest companies to task on inadequate climate policies.… Read More

How Bad Are Open Office Plans? Really Bad. Here’s How to Fix Them

We can thank the Sixties for a lot of things: some of the world’s best music, the American space program, and the rise of political activism. But we also have to hold the 1960s responsible for the open office floor plan the majority of working Americans are subjected to in 2018. Like a lot of things, strong economic growth after World War II caused office designers to offer companies a low cost way to increase the efficiency of their floor plans so they could add people without renting space or buying buildings. In 1968, American office furniture company designer Robert Probst came up with the cubicle, which provided workers privacy while allowing them a view of the open office if they stood up.… Read More