Eeek! Ten Monstrous Plants For Halloween

People love being scared. We love it so much we have an entire holiday devoted to scary things: Halloween. Science backs up the reasons why we love horror movies and celebrate creepy things: we embrace the excitement and energy part of the “fight or flight” instinct. So we get ourselves all worked up to get that rush from screaming and getting freaked out. Everyone has their favorite monsters. Some people dress up like them. I have my favorite monsters too – and they are plants! There are some seriously dangerous plants that can inflict injuries from annoying to serious. Some of them can kill you with their poisonous ways.… Read More

New Living Moss Walls Change the Living Wall Landscape

One of the new living moss walls which will soon be available to our clients at Good Earth Plant Company.
During my 40 plus years bringing nature into workplaces, homes, and many other places, there have only been a handful of game changer type products or concepts. Even though I came around more recently to building green roofs (2007) and living walls, (2009), their origins go back thousands of years. The modern versions of  green roofs were developed in Germany in the 1960s, and living walls in France in the late 1970s. Since then, they have spread to most countries. This changed a few years ago when “moss walls” came along. Four years ago, we installed our first moss wall using preserved lichen (the same material used in model train sets) and they have caught fire with our clients and the rest of the world.… Read More

Plants are Funny Too, But Their Benefits Are No Joke

I never get tired of talking to people about the many benefits of plants and nature in the places we live, work, and play. But I admit it’s sometimes a challenge to figure out new ways to help people get the message! The nonprofit organization Green Plants for Green Buildings has been thinking about this, too. My fellow board members and I put our heads together and we have something new to show you that I’m excited about. Have you ever seen one of those technology product launch videos? Or maybe the demonstrations by Steve Jobs of new products for Apple?… Read More

How Long Do Plants Live?

I’ve read several times recently that Millennials are filling up their lives with plants as substitutes for traditional pets like dogs and cats, and even kids! It’s true that plant sales have increased since 2016. This is great news for us at Good Earth Plant Company. We’re working every day to enrich people’s lives with plants. This caused me to think about house plants as pets. We love our dogs, our cats, our birds, and other pets, and it hurts when we lose them to old age. It comes so fast. What about plants? Do house plants have a predetermined, predictable lifespan?… Read More

Six Ways to Revive A Dying House Plant Before It’s Too Late

House plants are enjoying a new surge in popularity. We could not be happier about this at Good Earth Plant Company. It’s been our mission for more than 40 years to encourage people to incorporate nature into the places they work, live, and play through the addition of plants due to their many benefits to your wellbeing. It’s fun to choose a fresh new plant and find a place for it in your home. But after a few days, or weeks, or months, you notice it isn’t so green and fresh anymore. Maybe the leaves are turning yellow, or falling off.… Read More