Naughty or Nice: The Great Christmas Tree Debate Rages On

It’s that time of year. Time to decide whether you want a real Christmas tree, or an artificial Christmas tree. Likes and dislikes aside, to me the more important debate is figuring out which one is better for the environment in the long run. Like a lot of decisions in life, it’s complicated. I recently learned where artificial Christmas trees originated. They have only been in use a few decades. Before that, a real pine or fir tree was the only option available if you wanted a Christmas tree. It changed when American toilet bowl brush manufacturer Addis Brush Company created an artificial tree from brush bristles in the 1930s.… Read More

Time For Thanks (Again!) At Good Earth Plant Company – 2018 Edition

It is (already!) Thanksgiving 2018, and I’m thankful for many people and experiences in my life. Thanksgiving is a good time to let them know. I’m thankful for: My mom and dad: far from perfect, but great role models and teachers. They set a good standard and give me plenty to both admire and laugh about. I’m a lucky man as a result. My son Ted: just enough of me in him to make me proud, just enough “other” to make him interesting. We had a blast in Brazil this summer. He is going to save the world. You watch. My daughter Allie: although she tries to deny it, she is way too much like me – plus smart, capable, creative and talented.… Read More

Knock on Wood! Hedging My Bets with This Fruitful Blog

I’m always grateful when someone thinks enough of one of my blog posts to share it with other people. Thank you! I’m going to pay it forward this week by sharing a column written last week by San Diego author and language expert Richard Lederer. You may have heard him on the radio or attended one of his presentations. Richard writes a weekly column for the San Diego Union-Tribune called “Lederer On Language.” His most recent edition focused on language we use today that comes from a time in history when America was mainly an agricultural society. People did what came naturally when looking for ways to express their thoughts: they took inspiration from nature, from gardening, and raising crops.… Read More