About Living Moss Walls

Jim Mumford with a new living moss wall system.

Jim Mumford with a new living moss wall system.

Living Moss Walls: A New Innovation

Moss walls are one of our most popular wall options for clients at Good Earth Plant Company. But some people prefer a living and growing moss wall like our traditional living walls, made with real plants.

For years, we were asked to create a living moss wall for all types of locations. Moss sometimes grows on traditional living walls in shady locations on its own. But trying to encourage a moss wall to grow by design is challenging.

Today, Good Earth Plant Company has finally found an indoor living moss wall from a reliable supplier we can confidently offer to our clients.

How does a living moss wall work?

Our living moss wall units for indoor use are self-contained. They include grow lights so they can be installed without having to worry about having enough natural light.

Living moss wall systems incorporate a built-in misting system allowing the moss to flourish. These systems are similar to the ones used in grocery stores to keep the produce fresh. It can be loaded with distilled or purified water, which avoid the common problem of high salt content in tap water. Ingenious!


Are living moss walls made of the stuff that grows on rocks?

Living moss walls are made from reindeer or caribou moss. This is actually a form of lichen, one of the world’s most ancient plant forms.

Some companies harvest wild moss or lichen, which can have a negative impact on the local environment. Make sure the moss supplied for your wall is eco-friendly and responsible – like our products at Good Earth Plant Company.

Contact Good Earth Plant Company to learn if a living moss wall is right for you

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