Good Earth Plants Portfolio

Sharp Memorial Hospital Green Roof
Originally installed in 2010, the 5,000 square foot Sharp Memorial Hospital Green Roof design depicts the written melody for “Ode to Joy” using plants and containers. It is visible from above, and the melody is recognizable to anyone who can read music. Over nine years, the yuccas planted in the original containers have grown, and the roots have expanded to the point they were breaking the original containers. Those containers were make of a lighter fiberglass material to lighten the total weight load on the roof. New containers with new aloe plants were brought in to replace the 2010 originals. Due to the roof location and the scale of the containers, a crain was needed to lift all the materials to the roof. Our Good Earth Plant Company work crew could then proceed with installing the new containers and plants in the same way as any other project. Our client is pleased with the results, which should have a longer lifespan.