Show and Tell Time: Good Earth Plant Company’s New Living Moss Wall System

Jim Mumford with the new Living Moss Wall system at Good Earth Plant Company.

No one gets more excited about new products than we do at Good Earth Plant Company. We love the chance for a little show and tell, and we have something to show you this week.

It’s a brand new living moss wall system. Take a look!

The reason for the amber color is because the moss has been dormant and is just now actively growing. We expect to see it turn several beautiful shades of green.

One of our hottest items for the last few years has been our moss walls. There’s no sign of their popularity slowing down any time soon.

But we always prefer when possible to work with living plants. It’s difficult to cultivate living moss. It only seems to grow outside in places where you don’t really want it! Until now.

This is the “Verdure” system developed by Al Benner and Jim Fucetola of Moss Acres in Pennsylvania. It is the only interior living moss wall system currently available, and we’ve got one at Good Earth Plant Company.

The system consists of a stainless-steel waterproof cabinet with a moving irrigation misting bar, LED grow lights and a water basin. The system emits mist to moisten the moss for about a minute every three hours, several times a day. It’s not too much different than the mist emitters in the vegetable section of your favorite supermarket.

There’s no overspray from the misters. Their function isn’t really to “water” the moss like you water a plant, the goal is to raise the humidity to provide the moss its ideal growing environment. The bonus: you get the wonderful, rich, fresh smell like you are taking a walk in the woods.

Jim Mumford with the new Living Moss Wall system at Good Earth Plant Company.

Jim Mumford with the new Living Moss Wall system at Good Earth Plant Company.

The moss used in this system is simply referred to “sidewalk moss,” because it grows everywhere.

Maintenance needs are minimal. You need to refill the water tank weekly. You also need to watch for fungus gnats. Read our popular blog post for some prevention and treatment tips! Keep an eye on the system for any mold issues, but this is rare.

There is no need for pruning, mulching, fertilizing, or cleaning.

There are just a handful of these systems installed so far across the United States, and we’re super excited to have one of them. We are part of a long-term trial and we will be interested to see how the system performs over the next few years.

So far, our living moss wall has made a serious impact on visitors seeing it for the first time. They’re awestruck, they’re excited about it, they think it’s a pretty cool thing – and they want one. I predict these will become popular as a statement making addition to a home, office lobby, event space, retail store, and who knows what other possibilities there are? It needs a power supply, and it needs a minimal amount of space – four feet of width, two feet deep.

We predict this living moss wall system will quickly become one of our hottest items. Six to eight weeks of lead time is needed when ordering from the supplier. But it’s sure to get longer as these systems get snapped up. They require a little initial investment, but from that point forward the ongoing investment of time and money is small.

Want to come check it out in person? Please call for an appointment at 858-576-9300.