Plantscaping: Interior and Exterior Plant Services

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Plants and containers including room dividers can be used to define space as Good Earth Plant Company did for this San Diego business client.

Good Earth Plant Company offers many flexible options for you to incorporate plants into your indoor and outdoor environment. Our plantscaping or interiorscaping plants are suitable for:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Business offices
  • Workplaces of any size
  • Co-working spaces (indoors or outdoors)
  • Schools and universities
  • Nonprofit facilities
  • Government and public buildings
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Small businesses including home offices
  • Private homes and estates

Adding nature to your lobbies, guest lounges, conferences room, employee break rooms, collaborative work spaces, management offices, and even corridors offers your employees and your visitors a welcoming and inviting environment.

Don’t forget the exterior of your building! Call on Good Earth Plant Company to create stunning atriums, patios, decks, outdoor meeting spaces, and outdoor employee lounges. We can help you make use of found space to extend your working footprint.

Large or small, indoors or outside, Good Earth Plant Company can plantscape them all!

Our clients include architects, landscape architects, interior designers, property managers, facilities managers, and general contractors. Good Earth Plant Company’s consulting services work with you to determine the scope of your project, your specific on site conditions, and how best to meet your needs within your budget.


The Benefits of Plants In Your Indoor Environment

Using living and replica plants in decorative planters or incorporated into interior and exterior design or structural features as unique elements in your environment brings nature inside to create warm and inviting spaces for employees and visitors alike.

Multiple scientific studies show plants in the workplace produce many productivity and wellness benefits. Plants oxygenate the air and reduce carbon dioxide and environmental toxins. They can help baffle excess noise and reduce visual distractions.

The result: plants can increase employee productivity, reduce stress, cut down on absenteeism and even employee turnover. People report increased creativity and problem-solving in workplaces with plants and other elements of nature.

The result for your business or organization: healthier work and living areas creating improved health and well-being, resulting in more overall satisfaction and happiness in your life. Plantscaping is an investment in your environment, your health and your success!

For more than four decades, award winning plantscaping has been Good Earth Plant Company’s core business through design, specification, installation and maintenance (and even leasing programs) of both living and replica plants in containers of all shapes and sizes, indoors or outdoors, for commercial and residential properties.

unusual creative plant containers plantscaping

unusual creative plant containers plantscaping