Plants With Purpose – Our Community Donation Program


Good Earth Plant Company believes in the power of plants to bring nature inside the built environment. Plants have the power to reduce stress, oxygenate the air, and increase your overall wellbeing for work and home. Plantscaping is an investment in your environment, your health and your success.

We guarantee our clients their plants look as beautiful every day as the day we deliver them, thanks to our ongoing maintenance program. This means Good Earth Plant Company regularly recycles certain plants such as bromeliads and orchids, dracaenas and palms so clients enjoy them at their best.

As a result, Good Earth Plant Company often has dozens of healthy, happy plants that don’t meet our ridiculously high standards, but would be welcome and brighten any interior space.

So we offer our well-loved plants for adoption to a great new home! Good Earth Plant Company’s “Plants With Purpose” program will donate 50 to 200 plants to a San Diego County nonprofit organization who can put the power of flowers to good use for its clients, employees, or volunteers.

Good Earth Plant Company arranged for the donation of $50,000 of wholesale nursery plants to frontline healthcare workers including at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Otay Mesa and Bonita, and UCSD Medical Center.


Any interested nonprofit organization can make a request. It’s as easy as filling out our brief online application here. Once we verify your nonprofit status and check our inventory, we will add you to our donation roster and contact you when plants become available. It’s that simple.

Good Earth Plant Company’s pledge is one donation per quarter, and more often if our inventory and the requests allow us to do so.

A Harvard University study found simply having plants in your living environment can increasing compassion for others and provide a boost of energy and enthusiasm. People who live with flowers reported fewer episodes of anxiety and depression. Couldn’t your nonprofit organization, your employees and volunteers, and especially your clients benefit from increasing these effects?

Plants With Purpose Program - Good Earth Plant Company