Acting Sustainably Is In Our Nature at Good Earth Plant Company

living wall - sustainability

We help our clients “go green” every day at Good Earth Plant Company by adding plants to their home and work environment. We try to reduce our impact on the earth by reducing energy and material consumption and lowering fossil fuel use.

At Good Earth Plant Company, we can’t help but think about our impact on the earth every day. We are green by the very nature of our business. We bring nature into the built environment using living, breathing organisms connecting our clients to nature an the very essence of life.

Scientific studies show the many ways plants can improve indoor air quality, reduce stress, improve productivity and creativity, decrease stress and even help people recover from illness and injury more quickly.

Good Earth Plant Company expands nature’s footprint in the urban environment with potted plants, living walls and green roofs. These products help reduce and regulate indoor temperatures, make heating and cooling systems work more efficiently, create biodiversity, help curb the urban heat island effect, and filter harmful particulate matter from the air and from storm water before it reaches storm drains.

All benefits are further enhanced by the beauty of a living, oxygen-providing sculpture in the form of a plant indoors, and the dramatic effect on a green building they can have.

Good Earth Plant Company’s own dedication to sustainability begins with our corporate headquarters in San Diego, California. In 2007, we installed a 1,600 square foot “green roof” Native Plant Demonstration Garden on our administrative building.

In line with data from green roof projects around the world, a quick look at our energy usage shows a 24 percent reduction in energy use. Three-quarters of a rain event’s total precipitation is absorbed by the roof. The remaining water is filtered before it flows into the stormwater system – slower, and later in the day.

Our roof provides habitat for insects, pollinators, and birds in the midst of an industrial zone. We even have an apiary (beehive) on the roof!

The life of our roof has been greatly extended into the next few decades, keeping thousands of pounds of old roof material from reaching the landfill.

Good Earth Plant Company encourages you to join us in making these simple changes:

  • Changing over to fluorescent lighting and turning off the lights when not in use.
  • Turning off all electronics when not in use.
  • Recycling all green waste for mulch production.
  • Using recycled, sustainable products whenever possible
  • Avoiding the use of plastics. You won’t get a Good Earth Plant Company imprinted plastic item as a trade show giveaway, ever!
  • Using non-toxic products in our plant care and servicing.
  • Sourcing products with the smallest environmental footprint, including the costs of production and transportation.
  • Going paperless whenever possible and implementing electronic administrative systems to save resources and increase efficiency.
  • Driving fuel-efficient vehicles and continuously arranging our routes to be geographically efficient.
  • Searching out suppliers and vendors who share our environmental values.