The “GO” Green Office Plant Plan

GO Plan Green Office Plan

Research shows that a green office helps the wellbeing of your employees and increases their productivity. We’ve created an easy way to make that happen in the workplace.

Lease plants with our GO Plan for office plant leasing:

  • Designed to be affordable
  • Consistent monthly rate
  • Guaranteed beautiful looking plants
  • Select your own plants and blooming plants
  • Customize a plan based on your office size
  • Work with our designers to select the best plants for your workspace
  • We place the plants in the optimal location

How the GO Green Office Plan Works

You choose the plan that works best for you and we do the rest. If a plant doesn’t look its best or perform as it should, we will replace the plant – for free.

Our minimum program is less than $200 per month, which is all inclusive with a tall floor plant, a medium floor plant, two small floor plants and a desktop floor plant. We can put them anywhere youd’ like, but typically that’s enough for a small office space with a reception area, two offices and a conference room.

Many of our clients opt for custom upgrades:  color bowls like potted bromeliads, orchid arrangements, living art plant arrangements and even living walls.

Before you know it, your plants will arrive and look beautiful. Simple! To get started, just contact us. We will get back to you within 48 hrs.

Go Green Office Plant Plan Options

All of Good Earth Plants Office Plant plans include optimal placement, maintenance and a beautiful foliage guarantee. We categorize plants by sizes, and you’ll have your choice within those size categories or we can decide for you. Below, we’ve given you the number of plants and the approximate square footage of the office for you and your employees to reap the health benefits of plants.

The Ocean Beach Plan

The Ocean Beach plan for office plants is our starter package. Liven up your office with 5 plants to start – great for a reception area + 2 offices (1,000 sq ft)

The Mission Beach Plan

If you’ve got double the space – a reception + 4 offices, consider upgrading to the Mission Beach Plan. This office plant plan comes up with 10 plants and maintenance. (2,000 sq ft)

The Pacific Beach Plan

For larger offices with a reception area, 6 offices and a conference room, our most popular option is the Pacific Beach plan for office plant rentals. This plan includes 15 plants and maintenance. (3,000 sq ft)

The La Jolla Plan

For 8 offices with a reception area and a conference room, we’ve found that 20 office plants is an optimal number for plants to have a positive affect in the workplace. (4,000 sq ft)

The Del Mar Plan

The Del Mar Plan for office plants is our largest option in the Go Plan office solutions portfolio. The Del Mar Plan is suggested for a workplace with 10 offices, a reception area and a conference room. This plan includes 25 office plants.

Indoor Office Plant Choices

If you’d like to select your own or see what we offer, here are some of the plant varieties available to you:

GO Plan Green Office Plan indoor plants