Moss Walls Overview

Moss walls are growing in popularity due to their many design options. The moss is preserved and not actively growing. All it needs is the proper humidity to maintain its freshness.

Moss walls are growing in popularity due to their many design options. The moss is preserved and not actively growing. All it needs is the proper humidity to maintain its freshness.

Moss Walls: All The Benefits of Nature And More

Moss walls have changed how we think about living walls at Good Earth Plant Company. After 40 plus years bringing nature into workplaces, homes, and other indoor spaces, moss walls have quickly become our most popular “green” wall option for clients.

Good Earth Plant Company installed our first moss wall in 2015. Moss walls provide most of the benefits of traditional living walls plus a few distinct advantages. They fulfill one of the three tenants of biophilic design – natural analogs. One of their hidden benefits is sound attenuation. In other words – they absorb sound


What is a moss wall?

Good Earth Plant Company's latest moss wall project at the Bardstown Bourbon distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.

Good Earth Plant Company’s moss wall project at the Bardstown Bourbon distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.


Moss walls or moss wall art is a type of green wall or living wall. It is made of preserved natural materials; several different types, colors and textures of moss, drift wood, dried pods and mushrooms, bark, faux stone and preserved plants. These were all once living, but carefully preserved with glycerin and non-toxic resin to hold their shape and color for years.

Some suppliers harvest wild moss or lichen, which can have a negative impact on the local environment. We make sure our suppliers are eco-friendly and responsible. You should too.

What are the differences between a moss wall and a living wall?

The reason moss walls have exploded in popularity is their ability to be installed in many places where a living wall isn’t practical.

  • Moss walls can thrive in nearly any indoor setting. Growing conditions don’t have to be ideal or even close to it.
  • Moss walls don’t need any light or water, and minimum maintenance. While the moss is a natural product, it’s not actually alive.
  • Moss walls offer creative design options. They can be cut and fit into any space in many different shapes. Options are unlimited when combining colors, textures and mixed with multiple elements (wood, shells, faux stone)  .
  • Moss walls are incredibly lightweight for their size, especially compared to a similar size living wall. Since they don’t require irrigation, there is no need to compensate for the additional weight from retained water.

Moss walls are thin – only protruding from the wall by 2-4 inches

The moss wall installed by Good Earth Plant Company at San Diego's newest LEED Certified building, owned by Kilroy Realty in Del Mar Heights.

One major advantage of moss walls like this one we installed for Kilroy Realty in Del Mar Heights: no pollens or mold. Just keep them free of dust for easy breathing.

Can a moss wall be installed anywhere?

Preserved moss walls can be installed nearly anywhere, but not everywhere. There are a few limits.

  • You can’t put a moss wall outside in direct sunlight, or it will be scorched.
  • You can’t put a moss wall up in a super dry area. Moss walls require a minimum level of humidity to look good, about 40 to 50 percent (exactly where people are most comfortable).
  • You shouldn’t put a moss wall near heating or air conditioning vents. The blasts of hot or cold dry air will ruin it.
    • You shouldn’t put a moss wall where it can be rained on or splashed as the colors may run.

Are moss walls completely maintenance-free? Really?

While moss walls don’t require ongoing care in the way of irrigation, trimming, or feeding, they do require a minimal level of attention.

In addition to making sure your moss wall receives the proper amount of humidity, you should schedule an annual “tune-up” for your moss wall. Our technicians can check to make sure the wall is secure and individual moss panels or pieces are all holding in place. It should be cleaned to remove any dust or random spider webs, and may have a fresh layer of dye or preservative applied to keep it looking its very best.

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Can I have a moss wall in my home, or are they only for large spaces or businesses?

Because of their flexibility, ease of installation and maintenance and lower cost, moss walls are ideal for any home where one can be accommodated. We can provide them as small as 12” x 12”.

Moss wall design can take on many different shapes. The moss itself can be dyed virtually any color. Think of it more like choosing wallpaper. Your choices of colors and patterns and framing are nearly unlimited.

There are a myriad of ways Good Earth Plants can apply a moss wall to your lobby, office or home. We can cover an entire wall. We can frame one like a picture. We can create any shapes. The only limitations are your imagination and your timeline. Put your creativity to work and give us a few weeks or months, and you will be rewarded with a custom built, beautiful moss wall art you can enjoy for many years to come.

How do I get started on my moss wall design and installation from Good Earth Plant Company?

We thought you’d never ask! Call us at 858-576-9300 or email us at Nearly every moss wall is custom designed. Let us come out and assess the space and learn more about your ideas so we can provide you a plan with a design and an estimate.

If we didn’t answer your question here, email us at anytime. We love it when someone asks us a question we’ve never heard before. We promise to investigate and respond with accurate information for you. Test us!