Define Your Design With Decorative Plant Containers

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Decorative plant containers define the beauty of your plants. When matched with your interior design and the perfect plant, containers become a design element which can greatly enhance any space whether inside your office or home, or outside in a patio or entryway. Plants and containers are inseparable to us at Good Earth Plant Company. We work with you to choose your containers with care – and flair!

Do you want your containers to blend into your existing design? Or do you want your containers to stand out and provide a pop or surprise?

Our Good Earth Plant Company design team will visit your location and talk with you about your goals, budget, and any other requirements. We will take your input, add in our creativity and experience, and present your custom plantscaping design options.

Our only limit? Your imagination! Nearly any size container, nearly any material (ceramic, fiberglass, metal, bamboo and concrete), infinite colors, textures, and planter shapes are available to hold your plants. The good news: manufacturers are getting more creative with design options every day. Hint: we post photos of the best new items on our social media pages.

Our creative team will work with you or your interior designer to determine the best possibilities to accentuate and enhance your beautiful plantscape.

The following images are a small sample of shapes and colors. Our decorative container resources come from around the world – so feel free to dream.

Find something you love on Pinterest or Instagram? Show us – we love to be inspired by your ideas.

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