Who We Are – We Know Plants

Living wall in non-traditional gardening space = springhill suite, Oceanside

SpringHill Suites, Oceanside, California

At the Good Earth Plant Company, we believe your life needs plants.

Good Earth Plant Company is San Diego’s largest locally owned and operated provider of interior and exterior landscape design, plant installations and maintenance services in non-traditional gardening space. Our highly experienced and diverse staff has helped us achieve this leadership position.

Our horticultural experts apply everything we have learned over four decades in business about growing plants in containers to introducing plants and nature into our urban environment. We make use of non-traditional gardening space: green roofs, living walls, tower gardens, and more that we have yet to discover.

Good Earth Plant Company’s mix of clientele includes biotech, financial, hospitality, healthcare, retail, designers, specifiers, property management, technology, developers and homeowners. Our clients are our partners in everything we do.

Good Earth Plant Company is experienced in large-scale projects, technology, construction timelines, project management and creative design build. We take equal care in creating a beautiful interior wall or tabletop design for your office or home.

Even after 40-plus years, one thing never changes: our passion for creating the most desirable environment for every office, hospital, school, technology facility, financial institution, hotel, retail store, or your home. We create an environment where you can work, play, and grow too.

Whether it’s from research on plants and people, or green building design, Good Earth Plant Company uses all of the resources available to create the most enriched environment for our clients.

Without plants, most species on earth cannot survive. The air we breathe and the food we eat both depend on the very existence of plant life on our planet. We use plants to build our homes, cloth our bodies and one in six plants are used for their medicinal properties. The people of Good Earth Plant Company are their ambassadors, advocates, and biggest fans.

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