About Indoor Plants

The indoor plants (interior plants) Good Earth Plant Company will select, deliver, and install at your office or home come from the best nurseries. Our suppliers focus on plants known to survive and thrive in the relatively low light levels they will experience inside. You can be assured they are acclimated, pest free and clean on the day they arrive. Your plants will be kept that way by our gifted horticultural technicians.

We have sorted a sampling of plants we commonly use into high, medium and low light. We also display your choices among several flowering plants. Almost everything is available in a small desk top version, or as a large specimen plant. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs at 858-576-9300. We can help you determine the best choices for your specific needs.

You can filter the plants below by Low Light, Medium Light, and High Light categories by clicking the “Select Category” drop down.

Interior Plants