About Replica Plant Walls

replica plants and replica plant walls

Good Earth Plant Company fields many types of requests to create a custom green wall, a living wall, or even a living moss wall by clients for diverse locations in Southern California and elsewhere in the United States.

In some cases, living walls with real plants aren’t the best choice. And sometimes, the client just doesn’t want to pay for the mandatory maintenance that living plants require. As our living wall business has grown, we can run into the problem of poor growing conditions or maintenance challenges. A living wall indoors still needs the right amount of light, irrigation, and the right temperature and humidity to provide optimal growing conditions.

Good Earth Plant Company will not recommend a living wall or green wall unless we are confident it will be worth your investment, including the ability to follow through with ongoing maintenance. But what can you do if you can’t install a living wall with real plants? Consider replica plant walls in place of living walls.