Good Earth Plants Portfolio

Living Wall With 3D Printing, Malibu, Calif.
A client in the music industry had a specific idea about what he wanted in his home: the look of ferns filling a corner wall area inside his Malibu home. No moss, flowers, or anything variegated. We chose Ariane ferns, which are ruffled, upright plants that will tolerate low light and lower humidity without much shedding. It was a tricky area to work with. Designer Rachel Hecathorn found one off-the-shelf corner planter online that might fit the space, but it didn't provide the look the client wanted. "and it definitely wouldn't accommodate ferns" said Rachel. She next went to a plastics company to see if it could help. After several discussions, it couldn't provide the right shape or guarantee it was water-tight. Operations Manager Joe Benedetti found another source that could create the right planters with its 3D printer. Rachel worked with the new vendor to create a prototype, and adjusted the design by one-quarter inch to fit into the space. This version was perfect! 26 individual modules (13 per side) were printed, and the project was successfully installed in one (long!) day.