Best Indoor Plants

No Surprise: More Evidence You Need Nature for Good Health

While Americans have watched efforts to improve our natural healthcare system stall (and that’s as much as I care to mention about politics, I promise), I ran across a new European study offering great advice on something we can all do to improve our health right now. Plant a tree. People living in European nations face a lot of the same health problems we do in the United States: obesity, mental health disorders, and negative effects from pollution. On top of this is the stress and impact of living in our typical urban environments in cities. A team of researchers at the Institute for European Environmental Policy spent a year reviewing more than 200 academic studies on health outcomes to see if there were common findings and recommendations.… Read More

Breathe Easier With These Top Air Purifying Plants

Our most popular blog post of all time describes the many benefits of indoor plants in the workplace. It makes me happy when I see people interested in this topic and educating themselves on the myriad of benefits that indoor plants provide to their human companions beyond just looking pretty. Many of these proven benefits can be traced back to one of the original studies done by NASA in conjunction with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America in 1989, which wanted to learn the most effective “house-plants” which might help purify the air their astronauts must breathe during extended missions at the International Space Station, and eventually on trips to Mars and beyond.… Read More