Overcome June Gloom: Refresh With Green

May Gray in full effect, pictured at the Japanese Friendship Garden
It’s that time again. The time when sunny San Diego braces for its annual retreat from the sun. When dark clouds bank the coastal landscape, tans fade, and moods go sour. It’s the time of the year when June Gloom has arrived.   While it might feel dreary outside, it’s the perfect time to bring bright vibes inside. Yes, we’re talking about plants and flowers (do we talk about anything else?). At Good Earth Plants, we specialize in “plantscaping”, offering a range of services that not only enrich lives, but also elevate your mood and improve your overall wellbeing.  The Power of Plants Plants may as well be superheroes.… Read More

The Incredible Mood-boosting Power of Plants

This green wall is in a beautiful residence in Del Mar, CA
Experientially, we all know that spending time in nature tends to calm us down, soothe us when we’re stressed, and boost our moods. But it’s not just the endorphins you might get from a trail run or the vitamin D from a sunny stroll. An increasing number of scientific studies are finding that being around and interacting with plants has a quantifiably positive effect on our nervous systems, mindsets and yes, our moods. We love this trend in research not only because it validates what we already love to do and share, but also because it’s bringing more tools to more people to learn new things, feel more connected, and find more happiness overall.… Read More

Botanika Joins the Good Earth Plant Company Family

We’re growing! Plants have been my passion and business for 45+ years. Friend and colleague Lexine Schroeder’s company Botanika recently joined my company earlier this year, and we are all excited about the possibilities and opportunities. We look forward to partnering with Botanika’s clientele. Botanika Interior Plantscapes is known for beautiful residential and commercial interior plant design. Their unique plantscaping can be seen in homes and offices around San Diego.  Here’s an example of their beautiful work in an office in Old Town, San Diego. We’re excited to welcome them to the family.