The Fall Frenzy

Living Wall Installation

Living Wall Installation What a summer!

It feels like I turned around from the Memorial Day weekend only to stare right into the Labor Day holiday. It’s been a busy few months to say the least. And while it might not be easy to remember much time spent by the ocean or with the kids, this past summer will be remembered as “the summer of installations!” Great news for us in that we kept the staff busy and working hard to make the living architecture concepts and ideas we described to customers last spring – come to life.

Our expert team of Kerry Bauer, Kevin Norton and Nilo Cabrera really made it happen these past few weeks. Kerry sold it. Kevin managed it. Nilo installed it. Sort-of. As a growing team, we all did everything needed to make these installations happen. That sometimes requires jumping over job titles and working beyond standard expectations.

Here’s just a small bit of what our GreenScaped Buildings team has been busy with this summer:

–The team just completed a living wall at a Rancho Santa Fe residence that is technically located in a “Party Pavilion,” an area dedicated for social events at our client’s home. Their living wall wraps around a door and over the top using layers of philodendron and ferns with bold-colored bromeliads to create color spots.

–At Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern in Dana Point we used ferns and mosses to design a soft, lush green look on their indoor living wall that surrounds a recessed fireplace. No wonder Jimmy’s is a Green Restaurant Certified establishment.

–Continuing our relationship with Active Care Residential Living, we are creating a beautiful living wall indoors at their Rolling Hills (Chula Vista) location.  Scheduled for September 19, Nilo is leading the installation on our second living wall with Active Care. It’s great to work with the same client on a similar project because we better understand what the vision is for our customer.

–While our living wall at PureFitness at the Westgate Hotel roof top was delayed a bit, the outcome was an inspired piece of living architecture that is a custom fit for this exceptional fitness facility. Well worth a run on the third story track, PureFitness is dedicated to a healthy and elegant atmosphere for their guests.

–Two Del Mar residential green roofs and a living wall at The Irvine Company corporate headquarters rounded out our busy summer.

I am so proud of our team. It’s been a long, hot summer and everyone from Alexa and Michele to Danny, Dawn, Deb and the techs worked exceptionally hard this year. I know it hasn’t been easy, but when the right people come together and share a vision, the result is MAGIC.