Going Green is a Cruise

This new living wall aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship will really get around. Courtesy Royal Caribbean

The cruise line Royal Caribbean got our attention last year when Good Earth Plant Company learned that two of his ships, “Oasis of the Seas” and “Allure of the Seas” featured their own onboard living walls covered in 12,000 beautiful living plants for their passengers to enjoy.

We were – and still are – so glad to see ships growing real plants instead of displaying all replicas as many have done in the past. Royal Caribbean recently got in touch with us to let us know about some of its additional efforts to be environmentally responsible while sailing on the world’s oceans.

Every Royal Caribbean ship has its own dedicated environmental officer on board. What a cool job! The officer is in charge of a new shipboard environmental program called “Save the Waves,” with the goal of controlling its waste streams, making the ship completely self-contained and not dumping anything into the ocean during its voyages. What little waste cannot be recycled or repurposed is stored and disposed of on land when the ship returns to port.

Royal Caribbean produced this video about its efforts. We wanted to share this with you, it’s well worth watching.

Good Earth Plant Company applauds companies like Royal Caribbean, which are making an effort to embrace nature and good environmental stewardship. We know there are many positive benefits to embrace nature. We also know some companies are motivated only by profit. Going green saves them money, or makes their company more attractive to you, its customers.

The high tech engine room on 'Allure of the Seas,' designed for maximum efficiency. Courtesy Royal Caribbean.

The high tech engine room on ‘Allure of the Seas,’ designed for maximum efficiency. Courtesy Royal Caribbean.

We don’t really care what the motivation is, as long as it works. There is nothing wrong in wanting to make more money, and it’s a powerful incentive to do the right thing. We also believe these companies will eventually come around to realize they can do well by doing good. They will have happier, healthier employees, families, and communities, and they will benefit in ways they don’t even realize.

A cruise might not be in your immediate future, but you can bring nature into your every day life for all of the health benefits with some beautiful plants in your home or office. Call Good Earth Plants and GreenScaped Buildings at 858-576-9300 or check out our website GoodEarthPlants.com.