Just a Crack in the Sidewalk

Flower growing out from crack in sidewalk

When I get busy, it’s easy for me to become focused on the minute particles that make up my life. The garden needs watering. The car needs to go in for service. I’ve got to mail that insurance payment. Most importantly, I must fix my darned office chair so that it swivels properly!

You laugh, but I will bet you have a similar list somewhere. An endless stream of small details that need to be completed before the end of the week. Like little flies buzzing around your mind that demands your attention in order to find some quiet.

All the while, Nature just rolls along. The tree in front of our headquarters keeps growing and producing fragrant magnolia blooms. No matter how busy I seem to get. That tree just keeps living and blooming.

I am in awe of the resilience of Nature.

Anyone who has had to remove a tree stump can attest to the firm hold Nature has on our earth. Trees don’t give up their roots easily. And for good reason. Think of the storms, the blight and the overall environmental beating trees take. No wonder they need to put down strong roots, strong enough to break concrete. It takes courage to hold on tight and dig down deep to feel secure.

A couple of weeks back we posted a photo of a tiny palm growing in a sidewalk crack near our living wall displays. A seed had found its way to the perfect location. It then found some water, warmth and probably some dust from our homemade composting project. In that tiny crack, we all marveled at how tenacious Nature can be. That tiny palm became our mascot for a while – a testament to the courage it takes to live and grow.

It’s these small miracles that keep me going when I feel lost in the endless lists that make up my life. I am able to stop for a moment and reflect on how amazing Nature can be and how fortunate I am to be a witness to its wonder.

So it’s back to the workday noise.

And taking a can of WD-40 to my office chair.