Christmas Trees

Naughty or Nice: The Great Christmas Tree Debate

It’s that time of year. Time to decide whether you want a real Christmas tree, or an artificial Christmas tree. Likes and dislikes aside, to me the more important debate is figuring out which one is better for the environment in the long run. Like a lot of decisions in life, it’s complicated. I recently learned where artificial Christmas trees originated. They have only been in use a few decades. Before that, a real pine or fir tree was the only option available if you wanted a Christmas tree. It changed when American toilet bowl brush manufacturer Addis Brush Company created an artificial tree from brush bristles in the 1930s.… Read More

Recycle, Repurpose, Rejoice: Eco-Clever Christmas Trees

The most universally loved symbol of Christmas is the Christmas tree. This makes us happy at Good Earth Plant Company, as trees are so important to our ecosystem and represent shelter, food, and diversity in Nature. Some people love a fresh-cut tree, and others are happiest with an artificial tree. There are good arguments for both being eco-friendly. The trees here fall in a completely different category. They are all made of unusual recycled materials, everything from tires to shopping carts to books. It’s the ultimate in eco-cleverness and we love them all! We know on Christmas Eve you are busy getting your Christmas celebration together, so we won’t make you read a long blog post, even one of our incredibly informative ones.… Read More

Good Earth Plants Green Guide to Buying Christmas Trees

“It’s coming on Christmas,” and like the song says, “they’re cutting down trees.” But wait, who would’ve guessed that buying a pre-cut, real, 100% natural Christmas tree is the “green” way to go? My friend Peter Gaughen is a true Christmas tree expert, and Peter schooled me in why choosing a real fresh cut tree for your home is the sustainable, responsible choice for those who are looking to decorate with a traditional Christmas tree. Peter knows what he’s talking about. After 35 years in the business, he operates one of the best tree lots in San Diego County with the greatest variety of trees.… Read More