Ellen DeGeneres

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When you are in business it’s vital to listen to feedback from your clients to learn what’s working, what’s not working, and where you can improve. Let me tell you, sometimes it can be painful! But it is necessary. When I first started as a florist in the Plantscaping industry nearly four decades ago, we didn’t have any posts, tweets, snaps or chats to help us gather feedback. We had to get it the old fashioned way – by actually talking to people. In person! I won’t claim I walked several miles uphill through the snow to do it. Today, there is no excuse for anyone in business not to make at least a minimum effort to gather feedback and use it to improve products and services.… Read More

Celebrities Setting Trends With Their Living Walls

This green wall is in a beautiful residence in Del Mar, CA
Living walls are popping up everywhere. Just a few weeks ago we wrote about the living wall (also known as a vertical garden) on Ellen DeGeneres’s new talk show set. Ellen isn’t the only one in Hollywood with a love for living architecture. Two of Hollywood’s most famous and talented women, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba, have living walls in their very own homes they are proud to show off. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux rented this beautiful home during the remodel of their Bel Air mansion. It features a lush living wall at the entrance of the home that is accompanied by a peaceful stream.… Read More

Ellen DeGeneres Proves Living Walls are Trending

The Ellen Show goes green for Season 12 with a living wall.
There is no hotter daytime talk show on TV in 2014 than “The Ellen Show.” Ellen DeGeneres is an Emmy winning, pioneering comedienne. Ellen’s set has gotten a beautiful makeover for Season 12. It seems like Ellen has gotten the message about the benefits of bringing plants into your workplace. Ellen’s new set features multiple large screens, many beautiful potted plants and an impressive living wall. Take a look for yourself. We have discussed here many times the benefits and beauty of having plants in doors, such as improved air quality and overall health, and we are so glad at Good Earth Plants to see that one of America’s favorite celebrities agrees.… Read More