Celebrities Setting Trends With Their Living Walls

This green wall is in a beautiful residence in Del Mar, CA

Living walls are popping up everywhere. Just a few weeks ago we wrote about the living wall (also known as a vertical garden) on Ellen DeGeneres’s new talk show set. Ellen isn’t the only one in Hollywood with a love for living architecture. Two of Hollywood’s most famous and talented women, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba, have living walls in their very own homes they are proud to show off.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux rented this beautiful home during the remodel of their Bel Air mansion. It features a lush living wall at the entrance of the home that is accompanied by a peaceful stream. These celebrities sure know how to create a tranquil environment. This celebrity couple has moved back to their own mansion, so this amazing home is now for sale for $9.9 million. Who’s buying it? How about you?

Jessica Alba’s family including her husband and two kids live in a home with a fabric pocket system vertical garden. GreenScaped Buildings created a vertical garden using the same fabric pocket system for one of our residential clients in Del Mar, California. Jessica, we think you have exceptional taste. Thanks for showing off your project.

See a photo of Jessica Alba’s wall here. Below is one of our fabric pocket system walls. This is what Jessica’s wall will look like when it’s grown in a little bit. Del Mar Residence

These beautiful living walls aren’t just for rich celebrities. There are affordable, flexible systems allowing any homeowner to add one to their homes. See some of the options and take a look at what GreenScaped Buildings has installed for San Diego homeowners. Visit our living wall portfolio here to see many more living walls much like the ones in Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba’s homes.