Best House Plants For Small Spaces

Even in minimal living space, you csn always find room for plants. Photo: MiliVanily/Pixabay
Have you ever watched the show on HGTV called “Tiny House Hunters?” Episodes follow homebuyers who want to seriously downsize. By definition, a small house is around 500 square feet. A tiny house is from 100 to 400 square feet. It’s hard to get solid numbers, but most groups agree there are about 10,000 of these tiny houses in the U.S. This isn’t a whole lot different than an average RV. According to the RV Industry Association, one million Americans live full time in an RV. New York City apartments have a reputation for being small, but the average studio apartment is 550 square feet.… Read More

Ellen DeGeneres Proves Living Walls are Trending

The Ellen Show goes green for Season 12 with a living wall.
There is no hotter daytime talk show on TV in 2014 than “The Ellen Show.” Ellen DeGeneres is an Emmy winning, pioneering comedienne. Ellen’s set has gotten a beautiful makeover for Season 12. It seems like Ellen has gotten the message about the benefits of bringing plants into your workplace. Ellen’s new set features multiple large screens, many beautiful potted plants and an impressive living wall. Take a look for yourself. We have discussed here many times the benefits and beauty of having plants in doors, such as improved air quality and overall health, and we are so glad at Good Earth Plants to see that one of America’s favorite celebrities agrees.… Read More