Indoor Plant Tips

Six Ways to Revive A Dying House Plant Before It’s Too Late

House plants are enjoying a new surge in popularity. We could not be happier about this at Good Earth Plant Company. It’s been our mission for more than 40 years to encourage people to incorporate nature into the places they work, live, and play through the addition of plants due to their many benefits to your wellbeing. It’s fun to choose a fresh new plant and find a place for it in your home. But after a few days, or weeks, or months, you notice it isn’t so green and fresh anymore. Maybe the leaves are turning yellow, or falling off.… Read More

Beat The Heat: Summer Indoor Plant Care Tips

Don't let your indoor plants get sunburned by strong sunlight through windows in the summer. Move them to a protected spot. Photo: Yanoch Kandreeva/Creative Commons License
We love summer, but sometimes the summer heat can be a little overwhelming. It’s the same for your indoor plants. Even when they are in an air-conditioned office, your indoor plants can suffer from the negative effects of summer heat and humidity. Don’t let your plants sweat it out this summer. Check out our summer indoor plant care tips. Protect your indoor plants from strong summer rays You put on sunscreen to keep the sun’s strong summer rays from causing sunburn. You need to protect your plants from sunburn, too. No, they aren’t going to the beach, but they can get extra doses of hot summer sunlight through south and west facing windows.… Read More