Edible Wall – Pizzeria Mozza Hollywood

Edible Wall - Pizzeria Mozza Hollywood
To supplement the supply of fresh herbs for Pizzeria Mozza, and speak to the parent company’s environmental stewardship, GreenScaped Buildings was asked to design and build a living edible wall next to the restaurant’s main entrance.The visual impact was so immense, that a few months later, we were asked to add two more rows to the system! We did so, using ornamental plants (non-edibles) as harvesting edibles that high up would have been somewhat difficult.Among the edibles on the 72 square foot wall is spinach, Chinese celery, parsley, pansies, rosemary and varieties of sage, geranium, mints and lettuce. Restaurant guests can enjoy the view and close in for a sniff of the fragrant edibles as they wait for their reservation time!