Replica Plant Wall – Qualcomm

Replica Plant Wall - Qualcomm
← Green Wall – Encinitas Residence Interior Plantscaping – Sempra Annex → google_plusoneShareAs it was being built, it was referred to as “The Wall.” And while the massive 24 x 8 foot project wasn’t made by Pink Floyd or climbed upon in “Game of Thrones,” this wall was installed at Qualcomm by Good Earth Plants as a decorative piece at one of its main dining rooms.The wall is located in an area inaccessible for watering and routine care. Qualcomm made the decision to install an eight-paneled “artificial” wall of lush-looking replica plants. Installed almost 20 feet above the floor, the project presented some interesting challenges for GEP General Manager and staff.“Working that high up required planning and safety precautions,” said GEP General Manager. “We made sure that every seam aligned perfectly, even 20 feet off the floor. As large as it was, the manufacturing and installation went beautifully.”