Choose Plants to Suit Your Personality

Spider plants are a smart choice as a beneficial office plant.

At first glance, March doesn’t seem to have any significant holidays. But take a closer look. We love March holidays at Good Earth Plant Company, because the holidays are green! The obvious example is St. Patrick’s Day. Lucky for us plant loving leprechauns, we never get pinched since we are always wearing green.

Although it isn’t a formal holiday, we also celebrate the first day of Spring on March 21. We joke that it’s always summer in San Diego, but we do have seasons with changes in temperature and precipitation as the Earth’s axis tilts toward the sun, and away from the sun as it rotates around the sun. When we reach the spring equinox, Latin for “equal light,” the Earth is nearly perpendicular to the sun, causing 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night.

While we wait for spring, you can celebrate Multiple Personality Day. Yes, it’s a real thing, celebrated annually on March 5.

When I first started in the plantscaping business, it became trendy to talk about plants having feelings and a personality. What is true is that there is a type of plant to express every facet of your personality through the interior design of your home or office. These are some favorites.


Katelyn Hutchings in her green office at Good Earth Plant Company with over 200 plants.

Our green office at Good Earth Plant Company includes Pothos among our over 200 plants.

If you need a home environment that can help you unwind from a tough work day, choose relaxed plants with arching stems producing a graceful appearance. Relaxed plants should also be easy to care for, and require minimal maintenance. Good choices include Schefflera, Palms and Pothos


Bag a bromeliad for a bargain price at the Good Earth Plant Company Open House and Sale on Friday, April 24.

Bromeliads growing at our Good Earth Plant Company greenhouse for our clients.

Plants that stimulate your thinking and command attention have charisma. These plant species often feature bright blooms or leaves. These plants speak right up and say “hello!” Favorite choices include Bromeliads, Kalanchoe, crotons and Azaleas.


The Ficus Benjamina or Weeping Fig is a popular office plant, for good reason. Photo: J. Dugas, Flickr

The Ficus Benjamina or Weeping Fig is a popular office plant, for good reason. Photo: J. Dugas, Flickr

Reliable plants are solid and substantial. They provide reassurance they will always be there for you. They can be grouped together and combined with other species for a spectacular display. If you are looking for a reliable plant, Ficus, Dracaena, Chinese evergreens and cast iron plants are wonderful.



The Sanseverias in these pots create something worth seeing and enjoying instead of a plain wall or other barrier.

Edgy plants are like your friend with the spiky hair. Their leaves are sword like and sometimes they have thorns. They add tension and excitement to your environment, perfect for spaces where you need energy like a kitchen or office. This variety of plant tolerates full sun, and always adds excitement. Sanseveria, Cereus cacti and Yucca all stand out as edgy.


These spider plants add color but don't block the natural sunlight, and thrive in this setting.

These spider plants add color but don’t block the natural sunlight, and thrive in this setting.

Sociables are ever inviting. Plants with this persona like to trail and intertwine themselves into all kinds of spaces. They are fast growing and can fill in spaces quickly. They’ll take a mile if you give an inch, so be sure to keep an eye on them. Tops on the list of plants with social auras are Spider Plant, Ivy, and Lipstick Plant.

Consider personality types symbolized by different plants when choosing them. If you need help with your interior plantscaping, call on Good Earth Plant Company and our experts will be happy to help.