From Eyesore to Eye-Popping: Our Planned Parenthood Living Wall

Plants can truly be the most transformative of gifts. Planned Parenthood of Mission Valley was the lucky recipient of a donor gift, designated specifically to transform a old fountain into a centerpiece for its outdoor entry gathering space.

GreenScaped Buildings Project Manager Kerry Bauer worked with the client to determine which living wall system would be the best solution and fit within the existing space.

After a thorough design evaluation, a little creativity turned up the perfect plan. Since the client had an open-ended time frame, we started with less mature plants and gave them double the normal growing time to securely root into the manufacturer’s shallow cell tray system before being mounted vertically.


Before: The Planned Parenthood living wall project started with this old fountain.

Before: The Planned Parenthood living wall project started with this old fountain.


The finished Planned Parenthood living wall project.

The finished Planned Parenthood living wall project, a fitting tribute.

Greenscaped Buildings played with some unconventional plant additions, positioning a native blooming orchid dramatically as the dramatic focal point of the wall. Installation team John Rodenbo and Kim Covey made short work of the conversion project and completely transformed the tired old fountain façade into something fresh and new.

Good Earth Plants General Manager Debbie Hopkins converted the base of the former fountain into a planter and freshened up the existing planters. Good Earth Plants will maintain all the patio’s greenery to keep it looking its best.

At our most recent visit, an employee enjoying her lunch right next to the wall shared how everyone now chooses this space as their favorite lunch spot. She said there is always something new about the plants to notice and appreciate, like a complex piece of artwork.

When you see the project in person, please take a moment to read the plaque thanking the donors: “In honor of Maggie Myers for her unwavering support and dedication to Planned Parenthood for more than 40 years.” – Dedicated by Jean Cheng and George Kung, MD.

The donors couldn’t be happier and the living plant wall far exceeds their expectations. Good Earth Plant Company and GreenScaped Buildings couldn’t be happier to be part of this dramatic transformation.