What kind of maintenance does a green roof need?

After the initial two years it takes for plants to become established, most extensive green roofs in climates receiving regular summer season rainfall only need weeding, and occasional infill transplanting, twice a year.

In dry climates such as Southern California, green roofs need supplemental irrigation between March and late November. Good Earth Plant Company can take care of all the these needs of your green roof through our maintenance program. We check all of the drains, inspect the roof for any indications of a potential penetration and leak, prune as needed, remove weeds and other debris, lightly fertilize per schedule and check and adjust the irrigation system.

Maintenance visits should be timed to intercept any weeds before they go to seed. This level of maintenance is sufficient to maintain the health of the plants and protect the underlying roofing materials. Some owners enjoy greater involvement and choose to ‘garden’ in their green roof more frequently.

Intensive green roofs (over six inches of soil) will require the same care and maintenance as a similar garden situated on the ground.