What plants do people plant in living walls?

Plant choices are always location and climate dependent.  Good Earth Plant Company’s horticulture experts look at each project individually to make recommendations that will be successful and suit your taste.

Outside, we generally use succulents, sedums and other rock garden perennials, which have a shallow root base. Extended panels can be planted with a larger variety of perennials or annuals, and some shallow root grasses. We prefer choosing drought tolerant or low-water use plants to facilitate water conservation.

Native plants can be challenging to grow in a living wall, but they can help habitat restoration efforts, as most native plants provide food for local birds and butterflies.

Interior living walls are typically limited to “houseplants”. If you have seen a thriving indoor plant, chances are good we can use it in your inside living wall.  For indoor installations we recommend hardy tropical plants with shallow roots. The single exception is if your indoor living wall is located where it gets a lot of bright sunlight.

Other factors affecting your plant choices: your climate zone, irrigation supply, light exposure, wind exposure, and budget. Good Earth Plant Company’s talented designers can help you choose the right plants.