Where are green roofs possible? Can a green roof go on any building?

Designing a new building to include a green roof is relatively easy. Retrofitting an existing building presents challenges.

Your building’s structural load capacity must be determined by an engineer when considering a green roof for residential or commercial application. Green roofs weigh more than a standard roof.

Other considerations include the age and type of waterproofing, access to irrigation, and the amount of sun and wind exposure the plants on your green roof will receive.

Shallow profile green roofs can be installed using a tray system, but this may not always be the best choice. Good Earth Plant Company can access multiple options for modular trays, as well as loose laid or plant-in-place systems.

Every green roof we plan and install is evaluated individually onsite in consultation with experienced, licensed roofers, so we can recommend the best solution taking into account cost and longevity.

Good Earth Plant Company specializes primarily in extensive green roof systems. This is a roof constructed with less than six inches of growing media.